Islamic Jurisprudence and Current Health Issues in Health Education

Explore and dive deeper into discussion on the theories of Islamic fiqh and derivations that establish the laws in Islam in relation to health awareness.

Examine how medical societies should cultivate health conscious community in today’s contemporary medical concerns.

Health Education in Vulnerable Communities

Join the conversation on how do we bridge the gap of complex disparities of health knowledge in vulnerable communities.

Look into diverse perspectives of scholars all around the world with a common goal: To deliver health education to everyone.

Addressing Challenges in Health Education

Time is ticking, resources are draining and healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. But are these the ultimate factors that stand against our effort in rendering education to the public?

Connect among academics and consider the obstacles we are facing in health awareness delivery in this year’s IMAM’s 22nd Annual Scientific Conference.

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We are currently postponing our conference until further notice due to Covid-19

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